More Speakers

A Grateful Hearts member recommends the collection of speakers recordings available at

“I have used this site many times.  The number of speakers are incredible.  I think might be helpful for others if we had this link on our website.  Very easy to use — you can either select single speakers, Joe and Charlie, Road to Recovery etc and in each of those sections you will find a ton of individual recordings.  Once you select one you download to your device and then listen or you can email to a friend.”


Enjoy and be well!

Zoom Safety

There have been many stories in the media about “Zoom bombers” who interrupt meetings. Rest assured that your Grateful Hearts trusted servants are staying on top of the changing defaults and recommended settings. Here are some things you should know about out Zoom meetings.


All three of our regularly scheduled meetings — Monday 5:30, Thursday 5:30, and Sunday 9:00 — now all have the same meeting ID, 991 561 351, and password, GH. If you are clicking the updated links on our meeting calendar page, both the ID and the password in a long encrypted format are already in the link. If you go through Zoom directly, you may need to type in the password. For phone attendees, the procedure has changed a bit. First, call (253) 215-8782. Then, when prompted, enter the meeting ID from above and password 372122.

Hosts and Chairs

You may notice that there are two women reading our script at the Monday and Thursday meetings. The meeting Host is the one who is monitoring what is happening in the meeting, approving access to the meeting, and other Zoom-related organization tasks. You may notice a brief delay at the start of the meeting while she lets you enter from the virtual waiting room. She works in the background to keep the meeting running safely. The meeting Chair does what our chairwomen have always done. She does the reading and then calls on people, making sure that as many people as possible have an opportunity to share. You can talk to either of these women directly in the chat window.

Questions? As always, please feel free to contact us.